Indy was our first, he came with a bad back and navicular. With chiropractic care and shoes, he's in great shape and our alpha. Our fearless leader.

The sunrises and sunsets here are spectacular. 

Our first fields. A mere 18 months ago this was all forest, rocks and full of wild raspberry plants. Now the horses can run and graze. This year we hope to open a forested area for them to explore.

Lacey-Mae and Lilly-Grace: we rescued Lacey 12 years ago so sick and skinny. We weren't sure she'd make it. After quarantine she finally came home. Our vet came right out to meet her and happily informed us she was about 5-6 months pregnant. Lilly was born on our property, and they are forever safe with us. 

The horses live communally. We have stalls to use as needed. They prefer to live together in one large stall. They have in and out access at all times with the exception of very inclement weather. 

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